This recipe for an airy butter braid is enough for 2 medium-sized braids and tastes just heavenly.


Cheesecake – the classic cheesecake – with vanilla pudding filling


Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day – with a homemade brioche also determines the most delicious meal 🙂

Carrot cake

Carrot cake – a classic, especially at Easter. This juicy cake is delicious and you do not have to have a bad conscience – there are carrots in it 🙂

Easter bunny

… remains of fabric left over and no Easter decoration yet? Here’s a tutorial on how to make a little Easter bunny out of scraps of fabric.

Eggs made of plaster

Easter is coming and dyeing Easter eggs was YESTERDAY. Here are the instructions for trendy decorative eggs made of plaster.

Easter Bunny

If you have old glasses at home you can quickly turn them into little Easter bunnies. You can use them as vases, Easter nest or egg cup …. or you plant them. With freshly grown Easter grass, they just look cute.

fried egg chain

Egg egg egg … Easter is coming soon. Here is the quick guide for your own fried egg chain.