sniffing blanket

sniffing blanket for dogs, they will love it

first day in school

… a little mermaid at the beginning of school, because every girl is happy. Filled with school supplies and some healthy sweets.

Summer wreath

Here’s an idea on how to design your front door in summer. Nice “girlish” in pink with hearts and butterfly.

yarn bracelet

Make a yarn bracelet with a template.

Lettering art

Lettering is an art – and deffinitively belongs to the wall.

Cloud pillows

Sewing cloud cushions from old fabric scraps and textile dye.

Pantone planter

Make Pantone planter yourself – made easy and fast.

DIY Cultivation cup

Toilet paper roll cups are also suitable for growing cress or other herbs.

i-pad holder

When tidying the basement, old wine boxes fell into my hands and thought to myself – I’ll build an i-pad holder out of it. For the kitchen or the office – really practical.

Unicorn pen holder

Old glasses do not have to be disposed of – you can make a nice unicorn pencil holder from them.