Candy Cane Cookies

Have you ever tried candy cane cookies? Here you will find a delicious recipe.

X-MAS Baubles

These Christmas baubles are unique. Handpainted with little details like snowmen, St. 3 Kings & Skiers.

Advent, Advent…

Advent, Advent … a little light is burning … Advent idea for an Advent wreath.

X-Mas Tree

Christmas tree for the door

fabric bag

shopping bag easy to sew yourself.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas time is biscuit time! And the tastiest of these are cinnamon stars. This recipe is delicious and always succeed.

Advent wreath

Advent, Advent a little light is burning – first one, then two, then three, then four then the Christ child is at the door … And what symbolizes the Advent better than the Advent wreath.

Festive advent calendar

So that the advent season is fest festlicher, there is a guide for a fast Advent calendar.