Swedish Princess Cake

My absolute favorite cake – the Swedish princess cake. It’s really an elaborate cake – but it’s worth it! 

Ingredients For the biscuit:
230 g of sugar6 eggs (size S)180 g of flour50 g cornstarch60 g neutral edible oil (eg rapeseed oil)1 packet of vanilla sugar1 pinch of salt1 teaspoon Baking powder

For the vanilla cream:
500 ml of milk2 vanilla pods70 g of butter1 pinch of salt3 egg yolks (size S)80 g of sugar45 g cornstarch

½ glass of raspberry jam500 g cold whipped cream400-500 g marzipan raw material200-250 g sieved powdered sugar
Green and red food coloring to color the marzipan corner and rosesPowdered sugar for rolling out the marzipan corner and for dusting the finished cake

How to do it?

  • Ground
    First, the biscuit bottom is prepared. Add the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar until they are frothy. This can take up to 10 minutes. The sugar should dissolve. Then the flour, the cornflour, the salt and the baking powder are mixed and added, and the whole is carefully lifted. The biscuit mass must not be stirred too long so that the air does not escape again. It ensures that the floor is nice and easy later. Finally, the oil is underlined and then the whole thing in a lined with baking paper 22-Springform or a baking ring filled and baked at 160 ° C (circulating air) 35-40 minutes. After baking the biscuit should 10 minutes with slightly open oven door cool down before it is taken out of the oven and released from the mold. When the mold is removed, the sponge cake should be covered with a clean dishcloth so that it does not dry out. Once it has cooled completely, it can be divided into three trays. It makes sense to cut the middle ground thinner (about 1 cm) than the top and bottom (each about 2 cm). The middle floor later forms the dome. However, you can also use a ready-made stream mixture here – then it’s a bit faster.
  • Vanilla cream
    For the delicious vanilla cream, cornstarch, sugar, salt and egg yolk are stirred smoothly with a little milk. The vanilla pods are cut longitudinally. The vanilla mark is scraped out with a knife. The vanilla pulp and the scraped vanilla pod are then heated together with the remaining milk. Just before it boils, add the hot vanilla milk to the yolk mass slowly and carefully with stirring. By this step, the eggs are tempered and do not coagulate later when boiling. When this is done, the mass is returned to the pot and boiled once. Keep stirring. Through the cooking process, the mass gets the typical pudding consistency and the cornflour loses its floury taste. Then only the vanilla pods are removed and the butter stirred. Cover the vanilla cream with cling film so that the cream does not form any skin. The whole should then cool to room temperature.
  • Filling
    Once the vanilla cream has cooled, the cold cream and the vanilla cream are whipped apart. The cream is then lifted under the vanilla cream. Then the cake can already be assembled. For this purpose, first a thin layer of the filling is distributed on the lower floor. Using a piping bag, a ring is then sprayed onto the bottom so that the jam can not run out. Half a glass of raspberry jam is distributed in the middle of the floor. Over it comes a layer of vanilla filling and is smoothly painted. Then the 2nd floor is placed on it and with the filling a dome is formed. Once the shape is right, the prepared thin bottom comes on it and is dome-shaped pressed. (But you can also leave it flat – tastes just as good) As soon as everything looks good, the cake with the remaining cream cake is painted and placed in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.
  • Marzipan corner & decoration
    The marzipan raw material is first kneaded with the sieved powdered sugar, then green and a small part of red or pink colored.The green marzipan paste is rolled out thinly to cover the entire cake. From the red mass the small roses can be formed. If you like, you can also cut out rose petals from the remains of the green marzipan paste. Finally, the cake is dusted with powdered sugar and the small marzipan roses are placed on the cake and on the cake plate. When chilled, the cake stays fresh for up to three days.

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