sniffing blanket

sniffing blanket for dogs, they will love it

first day in school

… a little mermaid at the beginning of school, because every girl is happy. Filled with school supplies and some healthy sweets.

Lettering art

Lettering is an art – and deffinitively belongs to the wall.

Cloud pillows

Sewing cloud cushions from old fabric scraps and textile dye.

Easter bunny

… remains of fabric left over and no Easter decoration yet? Here’s a tutorial on how to make a little Easter bunny out of scraps of fabric.

Eggs made of plaster

Easter is coming and dyeing Easter eggs was YESTERDAY. Here are the instructions for trendy decorative eggs made of plaster.

Mini Zen Garden

… to reduce stress and relax is a desk zen garden ideal.

Mini pigs

Mini pigs bringen GLÜCK und machen GLÜCKLICH. Mit diesem kleinen Schweinchen startet das neue Jahr SAUGUT!

X-MAS Baubles

These Christmas baubles are unique. Handpainted with little details like snowmen, St. 3 Kings & Skiers.

Advent, Advent…

Advent, Advent … a little light is burning … Advent idea for an Advent wreath.

X-Mas Tree

Christmas tree for the door

Hearty garland

Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day …
Inviting favorite people to dinner and spending time together is nice – a nicely set table should not be missed here. With this hearty garland you can enhance your table decoration with a lot of LOVE.

lucky candle

Tinker lucky candle with personal message …

washi tape

Washi Tape is super diverse. Almost everything can be decorated with it. Here’s an idea for beautifying vases or gifts.

muffin paper

… if there are no fresh muffins at home, paper muffins look delicious on a cake stand. Here’s a template to make your own paper muffins.

paper flowers

These paper flowers are super fast and easy to make and make something …


Not a green thumb? Not even a cactus survives? Then make your own cactus yourself.

no stars but stripes

You do not necessarily need new furniture to bring fresh wind into the apartment. You can simply sew new covers for the pillows and everything looks like new.

Easter Bunny

If you have old glasses at home you can quickly turn them into little Easter bunnies. You can use them as vases, Easter nest or egg cup …. or you plant them. With freshly grown Easter grass, they just look cute.

Bathroom Rules

Bathroom Rules … like “brush your teeth” or “hang the wet towel” 🙂 is available in every household. To discreetly remind the man in the house what he should do and leave, such messages are very helpful.


Hello Spring! For my taste, spring can not come soon enough.

no heart of stone

From a stone can be tinkered in a cardholder now.

Wallpaper change

Wallpaper change needed? Then just change your wardrobe. Stylish wallpaper and some paste and the new wardrobe invites you to linger.


Every year we are looking forward to Christmas! Indicator of this anticipation is a Christmas home with appropriate Advent decoration – combined with traditional elements and new ideas.

Everyone needs a birdie

Some have the birdie in mind 🙂 the others are posing as decoration in their home.

beer stamp

Ordering beer has never been so easy! Attach beer stamp and interpret the bartender the desired amount – you have already ordered his cold beer! Glorious.

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