Strawberry cake with Skyr

Strawberry cake with Skyr

Swedish Princess Cake

Swedish princess cake …. from now on my absolute favorite cake!

Apple pie with applesauce

Apple pie in the fall – just perfect for coffee on Sunday or when a small party is coming 🙂

Naan bread

Naan bread – tastes perfect with spicy curry dishes – just made by yourself.


This recipe for an airy butter braid is enough for 2 medium-sized braids and tastes just heavenly.


Cheesecake – the classic cheesecake – with vanilla pudding filling


Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day – with a homemade brioche also determines the most delicious meal 🙂

Oreo ice cream

Oreo ice cream – without ice cream maker! Incredibly delicious and creamy.

Carrot cake

Carrot cake – a classic, especially at Easter. This juicy cake is delicious and you do not have to have a bad conscience – there are carrots in it 🙂

vegetarian sushi

Salad is not my favorite food – but with this Veggi sushi, I even become a (parttime) salad lover.

Almond Pistachios Biscotti

Biscotti – the Italian pastry is a must to every good cappuccino.


Cup cakes are made quickly and satisfy the hunger for cakes. Here is a basic recipe for 1 cup.

Oreo chocolates

Oreo biscuits processed into chocolates – goes fast – is delicious and not too sweet!

Toblerone Mousse

Toblerone ist nicht nur als Schokolade sehr lecker. Daraus lässt sich auch eine traumhafte Mousse zaubert…

Candy Cane Cookies

Have you ever tried candy cane cookies? Here you will find a delicious recipe.

Crumble cake with currant

Crumble cake with currant from the plate.

banana bread

If you’re just on a diet again … and still want something sweet … here is a delicious recipe for a light banana bread.

SMARTIES biscuits

Smarties biscuits ever tried? Here you will find a quick recipe.

Black Forest cake

My first Black Forest cake.


Raclette bread – perfect for a cozy evening or a party.

stamp cookies

Why stamp only paper? This also works with cookie dough!

Mother’s cake in ombré look

Mother’s cake in ombré look

good night Smoothie

Shortly before going to sleep, eating a snack is about to help you, according to recent studies, to sleep better. Because it helps your body with the natural melanin production – a hormone that regulates your sleep – as well as the supply of healthy calories to support your cell renewal.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas time is biscuit time! And the tastiest of these are cinnamon stars. This recipe is delicious and always succeed.


also known as “Caipirinha after Caipirinha”

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