first day in school

The anticipation of the first day in school is great … a little mermaid at the beginning of school, because every girl is happy. Filled with school supplies and some healthy sweets.

How to do it:

Download the template and cut out the paper of your choice as on the template. Fold a bag out of a sheet of paper to make the bag more stable. Also, take 2 layers of paper, or put 2 bags in each other. If you do not want to build or craft a bag, you are welcome to buy a ready-made in the craft shop. Now you can design the mermaid. Cut out blue and silvery dots from tissue paper at the bottom and stick to them. This represents the caudal fin. Stick the hair to the mermaid body and glue it to the bag. The hair is made of blue masking tape. The bag is still decorated with a few fish. These are decorated with a silvery glitter glue. And already the transparent paper can be glued on top. Fill bag as desired and close with a loop.

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