Summer wreath

Here’s an idea on how to design your front door in summer. Nice “girlish” in pink with hearts and butterfly.

yarn bracelet

Make a yarn bracelet with a template.

Pantone planter

Make Pantone planter yourself – made easy and fast.

DIY Cultivation cup

Toilet paper roll cups are also suitable for growing cress or other herbs.

i-pad holder

When tidying the basement, old wine boxes fell into my hands and thought to myself – I’ll build an i-pad holder out of it. For the kitchen or the office – really practical.

Unicorn pen holder

Old glasses do not have to be disposed of – you can make a nice unicorn pencil holder from them.

fortune cookies

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog. Especially in this year, dogs need a little more luck … to help the luck on the jumps lucky skies can not hurt.

Sparkling New Year

… this year the sparks are spraying – in my case the sparklers 🙂

Transfer printing on wood

Spice up a wooden coaster with transfer medium and some paper.

hello neighbor – wreath

… for a long time I wanted to make a door wreath and now it’s finally time!
The white lettering “hello” I made of white polymer clay. The wreath itself is made of thin branches, which I painted with white chalk paint. Attached to it are leaves that can easily be changed depending on the season.

Gypsy party cups

Gypsy party cups are – as the name implies – made of plaster and not plastic. The old proven Plasik cup served here only as a mold.

Stay different

Stay different … different is beautiful … this motto meets my taste.

Felt Storage

This felt storage is made fast and suitable for any cabinet or drawer.

storage cloud

… this small storage cloud creates order in the bath or children’s room.

flying stop

The colorful flying stop for the summer drink. As motives you can take what you like: from watermelon to lime to donut – everything is allowed.

SHABBY CHIC Bedside table

SHABBY CHIC Bedside table made of spruce wood without drilling yourself.


The dream of a large garden 🙂 can now also be true on a small balcony in the middle of the city …

cooking with love

Cooking apron with heart cutout – for all who love to cook & bake 🙂

grill hood

Plastic table cloth once ANDERS – converted as a grill hood which protects the grill from dust, dirt and rain.

Popcorn bag

These popcorn bags are perfect for a cozy movie night at home or a kids birthday party.

fried egg chain

Egg egg egg … Easter is coming soon. Here is the quick guide for your own fried egg chain.

DIY Sudoku

For DIY Sudoku, the goal is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 through 9 so that every digit in every column, row, and block occurs exactly once-to save paper and eraser-here the sustainable version for SELF-MAKING.

bird stamp

How about a homemade birdie stamp?

DIY get well box

Now in the cold season, a cold is not long in coming. But with this DIY get well box, it will not last long …
because she is filled with pure vitamin C & etra serving love…

marshmallow piggies

The new year should start not only with good intentions – but with marshmallow piggies 🙂

Last minute present loop

The first birthdays are on the plan … Gift is bought – but you do not have paper at hand to wrap it up festively …
BUT – with a bit of wrapping paper, a napkin and a little ribbon you can conjure a nice gift in no time.

fabric bag

shopping bag easy to sew yourself.

wool shell

Made of wool, starch, sugar and water you can easily conjure artful decorative wool shells. Whether tender and airy or powerful, colorful and funny – these wool shells are an original jewelry for your home.

Advent wreath

Advent, Advent a little light is burning – first one, then two, then three, then four then the Christ child is at the door … And what symbolizes the Advent better than the Advent wreath.

Festive advent calendar

So that the advent season is fest festlicher, there is a guide for a fast Advent calendar.

Wine rack in vintage look

This vintage-style wine rack makes a wine lover’s heart beat faster. It’s a bit more expensive to build – but it’s worth it!

Tablecloth cake topping

This tablecloth with the cake lace decor is the perfect table decoration for a coffee gossip with coffee and cake.


This cupcake potholder from the book “My Sewing Studio” is so cute that you would like to eat it the most.

Birthday Napkin

Decorate the birthday table with homemade torch napkins.

smart bio bin

Organic waste in summer – not with this smart bio bin!

calm down coffee cup

Calm down coffee cup – after a stressful day enjoy a cup of coffee and treat yourself to a 30 min break.

chalk board

Truly an eye-catcher is this large Mojito chalkboard, which serves as a splash guard for the kitchen.

Let the Flamingo GLOW!

Flamino lamp to make yourself – Tropical feeling for the living room.


Notes, postcards or business cards. This Memoboard from an old cork wall makes finally clear table with chaotic paper economy and looks also stunning.

Hangers Wardrobe

From conventional wooden hangers you can quickly build a modern wardrobe. Guaranteed without hacking 🙂

brush roll

This great brush roll from the book “Mein Nähatelier” is just practical. Very space saving and nice to look at.

Super Mario beads for player 😉

The SUPER MARIO beads motifs are really an eye-catcher and spice up every vehicle – even older models 🙂

LP shell for nostalgics

This LP cup is for music lovers who no longer have a turntable at home. In just a few minutes, this shell could also give your home the vibe of the “good old days”.

DIY soap

There is nothing better than handmade gifts, right? The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

wooden ball chain

Bring color into your life with this DIY wooden bead necklace. She is super fast and looks great.

DISK coasters

Disks have served but you would like to say … NO! The first disk that stores water, coffee and alcohol!

duck earrings

Maybe you know the material from the kindergarten – polymer clay. Fimo is not just for kids 🙂


How do you keep bread fresh longer? In the plastic bag! But the plastic bag from Billa or Spar is not exactly sexy … so a nice baked-on bread bag has to be made!

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